Two Way Mirror

 1,000 / sq. ft.

  • High quality 1/4″ thick two-way mirror glass with flat polished edges
  • Visible Transmittance: 11%, Visible Reflectance (Coated Side): 68%, Visible Reflectance (Glass Side): 16%
  • Use for smart mirror (popular Raspberry Pi project), hidden television, and other DIY applications
  • Use for security, surveillance, and privacy applications
  • One side reflects light and has the appearance of a mirror, the other transmits light through
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Adjust the brightness levels of the light from low lighting to full brightness with this dimmer add-on. Learn More (PDF)


Defogger warms the mirrors surface to wipe away all the fog with just a single touch. Learn More (PDF)

Bluetooth Kit

Bluetooth Kit Features:
• Built in speakers for Bluetooth Connectivity
• High Quality Audio
• FM Radio
• Display of Date, Time
• Display of current temperature Learn More (PDF)

Digital Clock

Keep an eye on the time with an attractive in-mirror clock display. Learn More (PDF)

Night Light

A warm glow of low light on the bottom edge of mirror to provide the perfect lighting at night time. Learn More (PDF)


10x Magnifying glass to facilitate while doing make-up or shaving. Learn More (PDF)

 1,000 / sq. ft.

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A two-way mirror, also known as a one-way mirror, is reflective from one side and transparent from the other. Two-way mirrors are ideal for observation, privacy, infinity mirrors, and optical illusions. It is manufactured by baking the mirror coating on grey tinted glass. This results in a highly durable, waterproof coating that’s easily cleaned and can resist scratches.

Finish Type Sanded
Item Dimensions LxW inches
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