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MOODO and Linka LEO, new in tech world!!

June 27th, 2018 Posted by Technology 1 thought on “MOODO and Linka LEO, new in tech world!!”

Moodo is an innovative fragrance diffuser. It is a smart and innovative way for creating a unique feature for any mood. It was produced by Agan Aroma. As a leader in the fragrance industry for over 35 years, Moodo knows how strongly the scent can affect your mood.

Moodo as a scent DJ

Moodo connects to WiFi and can be controlled from anywhere. All you need to do is to load your MOODO with 4 different capsules and use the app to control the level and intensity of each scent. Create your own Moodo schedule and explore. Mix and match between the variety of scents. Become a scent DJ and design thousands of your own signature aromas. Another plus point is that capsules are not very expensive so you can easily restock them.

Scent Families

Scent capsules created by our leading perfumes, are organized into a pack of four different scents that work perfectly together known as ‘’Scent Families’’. The smartphone app recognizes which capsules has been inserted into Moodo and suggests optional presets as well as allowing you to combine, save and share your own favourite mixes.

  1. LINKA

Linka’s mission is to make products that enhance the convenience and safety of urban mobility with increased bike usage. In urban areas it will greatly reduce the carbon footprint , boost local economies, open doors for new riders, allow existing cyclists to ride more and promote healthy living leading to happier cities


LINKA LEO (E-Bike compatible)

The next generation of bike security is coming spring 2018

  • GPS Tracking:

Track a stolen bike and pinpoint with a 3m range accuracy

  • Keyless Access:

Access LEO through your smart phone

  • Automatic Unlocking:

LEO recognizes you as you approach and automatically unlocks

  • Durable & Strong:

Extreme weather tested 9mm hardened steel ring firmly locks your bike in place.

  • Advanced Battery:

LEO’s battery lasts upto 2.5 years and can be charged in less than 3 hours through loop or the included pogo charger.

1 thought on “MOODO and Linka LEO, new in tech world!!”

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