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Mirror Mirror on the wall!

September 25th, 2018 Posted by Latest, Technology 0 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the wall!”

So far mirrors were just reflecting people, we re-imagined what a mirror can do for you. Smart Mirror is there to make your life smarter and easier. It’s a signature detail of futuristic movies and advertisements as we used to see in hi-fi movies. The question is that have any of us seen or heard of such mirror?

So it’s kind of surprising that, even though the technology has existed for some years now, we haven’t seen any such product. This is where Smart Mirror Pakistan comes there for you!

For the first time in Pakistan, now you can buy Smart Mirrors easily. The cool thing is you can simply place order at our online store and get your mirror delivered for you at your doorstep.

With Smart Mirror you can:

  • See more than your reflection
  • Design your day
  • Take a look into the future
  • Have your own personalized dashboard for everything

See more than your reflection:

Smart Mirror is here with reflections of the future. It doesn’t just show your reflection, it reflects your daily life as well! Smart Mirror is intelligent, user-friendly and enriches you and your lifestyle.



Design your day:

Smart Mirror-For every situation in your life! Prepare for the day: plan & prepare your daily schedule, read the latest news, check the weather and more. After-work relax: play your favorite music or watch your favorite show. Active weekend: plan your leisure time activities with your whole family. Smart Mirror is a your digital personalized dashboard that simplifies and enriches your daily life at all times!

Take a look into the future:

Smart Mirror is not your ordinary mirror, it’s your personalized dashboard which will revolutionize the way you live. It’s a “Reflections of the future” with almost every cool feature you can think of.

Have your own personalized dashboard:

Smart Mirror is your own personalized dashboard. You can get every information you want on the surface of your Smart Mirror so that It becomes your personalized dashboard to keep you stay organized.

Discover more about Smart Mirror. It is the latest technology in Pakistan!


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